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About Cat Camp

Group of campers laughing

What is Cat Camp?

Cat Camp is a three to four-day optional experience for incoming students who want to learn about all the reasons to be a proud Bobcat, begin their lives 'on the hill' with new friends, and learn about Texas State spirit and traditions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cat Camp teaches Bobcat traditions and welcomes incoming Bobcats to the Texas State family! This is an exciting opportunity for the Texas State community to come together and welcome our new students.

Cat Camp is led by current students who are passionate about all things Texas State and want to make your first year as a Bobcat a success! Cat Camp has been 'Putting the Heart of Texas into the Hearts of Students' since 2009.

What do we do at Cat Camp?

Students will be placed in a small group of 10-12 students and the groups will be led by two counselors. This is an opportunity for Bobcats to bond with their peers and have a relaxed time learning all they need to know about Texas State.

Small Groups

Small Group Photo

Each small group will have two camp counselors who are Texas State University experts! During small group time, campers will discuss how to achieve a successful first year.

Super Groups

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Meet other campers through super groups! Super groups are divided into team maroon and team gold and engage in friendly competition during the Maroon and Gold Olympics.

Maroon and Gold Olympics

Compete in fun activities against your super group to win it all! While there's only one winner, maroon or gold, campers will learn that gold isn't complete without maroon, and maroon isn't complete without gold!

History and Traditions Skits

Learn about Texas State's history and traditions through skits performed by Cat Camp staff.

Sewell Hangout

Experience one of Texas State University's environmental treasure: Sewell Park!  The spring-fed river runs through the park and remains 72 degrees all year round.  Students can cool off by taking a dip or relaxing in the sun.

Ring Ceremony

Participate in one of Texas State's best known traditions: Ring Ceremony! Each camper will receive a ring symbolizing the completion of camp.

Free Time

Relax with your fellow Cat campers with our night activities and more!