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About Cat Camp

Group of campers laying on the group in a circle and laughing.

What is Cat Camp?

Cat Camp is Texas State's only pride and traditions camp designed to assist students with their transition into the Texas State University community. It is a three-day experience for incoming students who want to learn about all the reasons to be a proud Bobcat. Cat Camp provides a foundation for a successful college experience by discussing common transition topics and highlighting campus involvement and opportunities.

Cat Camp is led by current students who are passionate about all things Texas State and want to make your first year as a Bobcat a success! Our Cat Camp staff encourages students to bond with other incoming students, learn Texas State's history and traditions, and create lifelong memories.

Cat Camp has been 'Putting the Heart of Texas into the Hearts of Students' since 2009.

What do we do at Cat Camp?

Small Groups

Group of students posing in a group with camp maroon shirts on.

Students will be placed in a group of 10-15 students, this will become their "small group". Each small group is led by two camp counselors who are current students and Texas State University experts! During small group time, campers will discuss how to achieve a successful first year in college, learn about resources on campus, and become familiar with university traditions.  This is an opportunity for Bobcats to bond with their peers and learn all they need to know about Texas State.

Super Groups

Group of students poseing in a semi-circle with maroon and gold shirts.

Meet other campers through super groups! Super groups are created by combining a group from team maroon and team gold.

History and Traditions

Counselor sitting on a stage with arms raised telling a story.

Learn about Texas State's history and traditions through skits performed by Cat Camp staff. Students will also be able to visit various areas of campus to see other significant landmarks.

Sewell Hangout

Large group of campers posing in front of sewell park.

Experience one of Texas State University's environmental treasure: Sewell Park!  The spring-fed river runs through the park and remains 72 degrees all year round.  Students can cool off by taking a dip or relaxing in the sun.

Ring Ceremony

Campers arm holding a university ring while dunking it into the fountain.

Participate in one of Texas State's best known traditions: Ring Ceremony! Each camper will receive a ring symbolizing the completion of camp.

Free Time

Two female campers walking with arms linked.

Relax with your fellow Cat campers with our night activities and more!