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On-Campus Cat Camp Session

Session Date

June 21-23 and July 26-28 at the LBJ Student Center

Our on-campus session will be a three-day, two-night extended orientation experience on June 21-23 and July 26-28.  Campers will meet Cat Camp staff at the LBJ Student Center and stay overnight at Beretta and Brogdon Hall or Tower Hall (see below for the location, check-in time, and check-out time). The benefit with our on-campus sessions is campers can familiarize themselves with campus prior to the start of school.

Check-in will occur at Beretta Hall at 9:00 AM on June 21.  Check-out will occur at Beretta Hall from 11:00-11:30 AM on June 23.

Check-in will occur at Tower Hall at 9:00 AM on July 26.  Check-out will occur at Tower Hall from 11:00-11:30 AM on July 28.

*Transfer students are encouraged to attend!

Cat Camp is not a replacement for New Student Orientation, so campers will need to register for New Student Orientation separately.